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Expertise & Projects

We redefine the boundaries of possibility with each project. Our innovative approach blends creativity and expertise, turning challenging visions into impressive realities. We're not just builders; we're pioneers in crafting dynamic, future-proof spaces. Every endeavor is a testament to our belief that with innovation, nothing is impossible.

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.

House Extensions


LACD offers a full spectrum of services for house extensions in London, covering design, planning, construction, and final inspection. Our expertise ensures a streamlined and professional approach to every project.

Contemporary London house extension showcasing a bright and airy kitchen with skylights. The space features dark slate floors, a navy blue island unit, and white cabinets, blending modern design with classic touches. Built by a London-based contractor, the extension provides a seamless transition to the outdoors with large windows offering garden views.

Loft Conversions


LACD specializes in professional loft conversions in London, delivering bespoke designs and quality craftsmanship to transform underused loft spaces effectively.

Sleek loft conversion in a London home, featuring bespoke storage solutions under the eaves. The design utilizes clean lines and white finishes to enhance the sense of space, complemented by light wooden flooring. The conversion, a testament to the skill of local London contractors, maximizes utility in the typically unused attic area.

Residential Refurbishment


LACD provides top-tier residential refurbishment in London, including bespoke joinery design, fabrication, and fitting. Our turnkey construction services cover certified electrical and plumbing works, ensuring a comprehensive, high-quality renovation solution.

A tranquil nook in a London home, part of a residential refurbishment by a local contractor, featuring a warm, backlit wooden bench built into a recessed wall niche. The minimalist design is complemented by subtle grey steps, white tiles, and green houseplants, creating a serene spot for relaxation and contemplation.



LACD transforms London homes with meticulous basement conversions, focusing on robust waterproofing and tailored interior fit-outs. Our detailed approach, ensuring comfort and durability, sets us apart, making us the trusted choice for enhancing your living space.

Modern basement conversion in a London residence, featuring a bespoke kitchen with white cabinets and a wooden countertop island. The room includes naturbo heated ceiling technology and clay plaster wall finishes for a sustainable touch. Bespoke plywood finish furniture and warm wooden flooring complete the luxurious, yet eco-friendly design, crafted by a skilled local contractor.

Commercial Fit-Out


LACD excels in commercial fit-outs in London, delivering unique, functional spaces with expert craftsmanship. Our bespoke approach, ensuring quality and efficiency, makes us the go-to choice for businesses seeking to elevate their commercial environments.

Elegant commercial fit-out featuring a luxurious green leather booth seating with marble-top tables and brass accents. The rich wooden paneling on the walls and a chic wall-mounted lamp create a sophisticated ambiance suitable for high-end dining or lounge areas.

Design l Fabricate l Fit


LACD's Design | Fabricate | Fit service is an all-in-one solution for commercial spaces in London, offering design and build services with in-house fabrication. This integrated approach streamlines projects and offers cost savings, ensuring a tailored, high-quality finish for every client.

Sophisticated bedroom interior in a London home, part of a full supply and fit service, featuring a plush bed with grey linen and a navy blue accent pillow. A gold-finished bedside lamp and a matching wireframe chair with a cushion add a touch of elegance. The room's muted color palette and natural light create a calming atmosphere.

Cat A / Cat B Fitouts


LACD provides Cat A and Cat B fit-out services in London, expertly transforming commercial spaces from basic structures to fully customized interiors with a focus on quality and detail.

Modern office space in London with a Category A and Category B fit-out by a local contractor, featuring herringbone wooden flooring and natural wood desks. Industrial-style black pendant lights hang above each workstation, and the room is lined with glass partitions, allowing for an open, yet partitioned, work environment.

Hotel & Leisure Fitout


LACD offers specialized Hotel & Leisure fit-out services in London, adeptly creating bespoke, high-quality interiors that cater to the unique demands of the hospitality sector.

Elegantly designed hotel room in London, completed by a specialist Hotel & Leisure Fitout contractor. The room features two single beds with soft grey headboards, polished marble floors, and sheer curtains beside a full-length window that opens to a balcony. Ambient cove lighting adds a warm, inviting glow to the sophisticated decor.

New Builds


LACD provides new build services in London, expertly crafting bespoke properties with a focus on quality construction and tailored design to meet unique client visions.

Modern new-build construction in London featuring a unique two-story facade with a combination of red brickwork and vertical timber cladding. The sharp-angled roof and large windows offer a contemporary twist on classic design, indicative of the innovative architecture being developed in the city.


Demolition of existing rear extension with structural alterations, erection of

Vande Moortel brick extension and complete refurbishment of residential ground floor flat.

Comprehensive redevelopment of a basement area, encompassing the demolition of existing structures and structural modifications to optimize space and functionality.





Complete internal and external refurbishment of a store space
converted into Interior Design Studio with storage space on lower

Loft Conversion

Muswell Hill


Complete internal high-spec refurbishment with a new build extension of the three-story house with the loft conversion and the reconstruction of the existing garage into habitable space.

Residential Refurbishment
Slone Square

Completed a high-end residential refurbishment of 3 Bedroom apartment in Sloane Square, focusing on comprehensive modernization and meticulous restoration of architectural details.

Bathroom Remodelling

Belsize Park


Complete internal high-spec refurbishment with a new build extension of the three-story house with the loft conversion and the reconstruction of the existing garage into habitable space.

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