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Health & Safety Policy

Establish a clear schedule for policy review and updates, considering changes in legislation and operational experiences.

Policy Review and Update

Define the metrics for measuring and monitoring health and safety performance.
Outline the process for regular reviews and audits of the health and safety system.

Measurement, Monitoring, Review, and Audit

Alignment with UK Health & Safety Regulations:

Explicitly state compliance with key UK regulations such as the Health and Safety at Work Act, the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, and any other relevant legislation.
Reference to specific UK health and safety standards and guidelines could strengthen the policy’s legal alignment.
Clarification of Scope:

Clearly define how the policy applies to various stakeholders, including subcontractors, consultants, clients, and self-employed persons, ensuring responsibilities are understood by all.
Senior Management Responsibility:

Detail the specific roles and responsibilities of senior management in implementing and maintaining health and safety standards.
Emphasize the accountability of senior management in ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.
Employee and Personnel Obligations:

Provide more specific guidelines for employees and all personnel within the scope, outlining their roles in maintaining a safe work environment.
Employee Participation and Consultation:

Outline the mechanisms for employee participation in health and safety matters, including how employee representatives will be involved.
Implementation Principles:

Elaborate on the principles guiding operations, including the commitment to providing necessary resources for implementation.
Precautionary Measures:

Specify the types of precautionary measures and how they will be implemented in various operational contexts.
Training, Information, and Instruction:

Detail the training programs, including frequency, content, and delivery methods.
Emphasize continuous learning and keeping up-to-date with safety practices and legislation.
Planning and Control:

Elaborate on planning and control measures to minimize accidents and unplanned events.
Include procedures for risk assessment and management.
Health, Safety, and Welfare:

Provide more details on the measures to ensure employee welfare and health safety, including ergonomic considerations and mental health.

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