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Environmental Policy

Include a process for the regular review of the policy, not just annually but also in response to significant changes in the business or regulatory environment.
Encourage feedback from employees, stakeholders, and the public to continuously improve the policy.

Regular Review and Improvement:

Ensure the policy is easily accessible to the public, possibly through the company’s website.
Consider including a summary of annual environmental performance reports to enhance transparency.

Public Accessibility and Transparency:

Legal Compliance and Local Regulations:

Ensure the policy is updated regularly to comply with the latest environmental regulations in the UK, including but not limited to the Environmental Protection Act, Climate Change Act, and any local London-specific environmental regulations.
Consider referencing specific UK laws and standards in the policy to demonstrate a clear commitment to legal compliance.
Sustainability Policy and Energy Usage Policy Integration:

Clearly define how this Environmental Policy integrates with the Sustainability Policy and Energy Usage Policy. For instance, outline how environmental goals align with broader sustainability and energy efficiency objectives.
Specificity in Objectives and Targets:

Define more specific annual objectives and targets. This could include quantifiable goals (like percentage reductions in emissions or waste) and specific timelines.
Include benchmarks or standards for measuring progress towards these objectives.
Environmental Management System (EMS):

Ensure the EMS is certified or aligned with international standards such as ISO 14001.
Describe how the EMS will be implemented and monitored within both construction operations and head office facilities.
Board of Directors and Environmental Champion Role:

Define the specific responsibilities and authority of the environmental champion.
Ensure the board of directors has regular updates and oversight on environmental performance.
Training and Awareness:

Detail the training programs for employees and subcontractors on environmental issues.
Include awareness initiatives for all staff to foster an environmentally responsible culture within the organization.

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