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Ground Screw Foundations: The Sustainable Solution

In the evolving landscape of construction, London Art Construction and Design Limited (LACD) stands at the forefront of innovation with our ground screw foundations. These ingenious solutions are rewriting the rules of construction, offering a sustainable, efficient, and resilient alternative to traditional methods.

What Are Ground Screw Foundations?

A ground screw foundation is a pioneering system composed of a steel tube with a helical screw tip, extendable via additional pieces, and topped with a flange for secure structural attachments. Designed to delve into the soil with precision, our range of ground screws ensure deep, secure foundations even in areas with soft ground.


1. Sustainability: By sidestepping concrete, our ground screws significantly cut carbon emissions and don’t disturb the ecological balance, aligning with our commitment to a greener future.

2. Energy Efficiency: Our ground screws are installed with less energy than conventional foundations, reducing the carbon footprint of each project.

3. Reduced Site Disruption: We ensure a swift installation process, causing minimal disruption, which is particularly crucial in dense urban spaces.

4. Versatility Across Climates: Our ground screws are engineered to withstand diverse climates, from extreme cold to torrential rains, assuring long-term stability.

5. Water Conservation: Unlike concrete foundations, our ground screws don’t require water for mixing or setting, which is critical in water-scarce regions.

6. Wildlife Consideration: We install with minimal impact on natural habitats, protecting local wildlife and preserving the integrity of construction sites.

7. Risk Mitigation: Our process avoids chemicals, safeguarding groundwater and contributing to a safer environment.

8. Accessibility: Our ground screws can be implemented in remote or challenging locations, offering robust foundations where traditional methods aren’t feasible.

9. Cost Efficiency: Initial costs are offset by reduced labor, equipment, and faster completion rates, making ground screws a financially savvy choice.

10. Durability: LACD’s ground screws are synonymous with durability, providing steadfast support and minimal maintenance over time.

With LACD, you gain more than just a foundation; you invest in a future where construction is in harmony with our environment. Our ground screws are not just supporting structures; they are supporting a vision for a more sustainable, efficient, and responsible construction industry.

Certification and Quality Assurance

In compliance with BS EN ISO 1461:2009 standards and galvanized for durability, our ground screw foundations come with the promise of quality. Upon request, LACD provides engineers’ certificates and full documentation to assure you of our product’s integrity and performance.

At LACD, we believe in building a future that stands firm on the grounds of innovation and sustainability. Our expert team, equipped with state-of-the-art anchoring technology, is ready to install these foundations across the London area, ensuring your project not only stands the test of time but also upholds the principles of environmental stewardship.

For those looking to elevate their garden rooms, offices, or other small structures, LACD’s ground screws provide a durable and sustainable base that champions speed, efficiency, and minimal environmental impact.


We welcome you to contact us to discuss how our ground screw foundations can support your next project’s success while contributing to a sustainable world.



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