Whilst your architect is primarily concerned with the structure and integrity of your property, your home needs someone who can help with ‘how you live,’ in terms of planning the interior space, position of walls, where you should have doorways and windows and other areas that affect the use of the space. This is the job of the interior architect and our team has the skills and expertise to provide this specialist service.  Our interior architect will work closely with you to evaluate the space for its intended function: what is its role? What is the logical workflow there? And does it integrate seamlessly into the building’s overall architecture and design? A TV room for example, has different requirements from the library and a home that has a home office has different requirements to a home that doesn’t.

Design Stage

Site Survey: 
Once appointed, we will conduct a site survey at your property. From this, a set of existing plans will be drawn which will form the basis of all architectural, and interior design drawings.  
Meeting 1: (Project briefing):  
We will be meeting to discuss your project brief, any planning requirements, specific design requirements, budget, etc. We will also discuss any key architectural / interior design features. 

Meeting 2 (if required): (planning meeting): 
In this meeting we will present 2-3 planning options, and advise on all planning matters, and if required party wall.  We will agree the preferred option for planning submission, and discuss the development of the design moving forward. 

Meeting 3:(architectural design& Interior design mood boards):
In this meeting we will present design options to you, as well as design ideas and pricings for any key features. We will agree the preferred architectural option and layouts, interior mood boards, and discuss the development of the design moving forward. 

Structural Engineering: 
If required, we will work with our Structural Engineer who will produce all engineering drawings, including calculations for planning, and party wall surveyors. 

Meeting 4:(architectural design sign off & Interior design concepts) 
During this meeting we will develop the preferred design option. The objective of this meeting is to finalise the architectural, and structural design, as well as the project brief and the budget. Initial interior design concepts will also be presented in this meeting, including ideas for finishes, kitchen etc. 

Meeting 5:(Interior design sign off) 
The objective of this meeting is to finalise as much of the interior design as possible including select Finishes, Fixtures and Fittings. (bearing in mind that some decisions will be made on site during the design + construct process).
Final Design: 
The final design layout will be emailed to you, as well as an itemised costing's document for approval. 

Planning submissions & approval

Planning application (if required): 
We will apply for planning permission on your behalf to gain local council approval. We will manage the application for you. This will include a set of planning drawings, if required a Design + Access Statement, as well as completed planning application, and fees. 

Party Wall Agreements: 
Should a Party Wall Agreement be required, your surveyor will be supplied with the final design, who will manage this process, and obtain a Party Wall Agreement on your half. We can assist with the appointment of your surveyor. A separate fee is applied here. 

Thames Water / Utilities: 
If your proposal involves building over or near to public sewers, or there are new connections, the agreement of Thames Water Utilities Ltd. must be sought. Where a formal agreement or a CCTV Survey are requested, a fee is payable. We will assist you with any utilities approvals prior to starting any work on site. 
Building Control: 
Prior to starting work on site, we will submit the final design to the Building Control Department of the local council. This is required as per British Building Standards. A Building Control officer will be appointed for your project, and we make regular visits to site to ensure we are meeting building regulations. Ultimately, you will be provided a Building Control Certificate at the completion of the project. 

Planning Application Process 

Planning process: 
Once the planning application has been submitted, it can take between 10 - 12 weeks (depending on the nature of the design) until a decision by the council has been reached. 

Liaisons with the council:
During the application process, we will continue to liaise with the planning department and manage any site visits, information required by the council. 

Design freeze: 
The project will be on hold during the planning application process. Any further design development will take place during the construction stage, and only once a decision has been made by the council. 

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