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Residential Refurbishment
Sloane Square, London 


Completed a high-end residential refurbishment in Sloane Square, focusing on comprehensive modernization and meticulous restoration of architectural details.

Sleek and modern residential refurbishment on Sloane Street in London, featuring minimalist design with crisp white walls, ha

Scobe of works ​

Demolition and Removal:

  • Removal of all existing electrical wiring back to mains intakes, light fittings, sockets, and internal services pipework, excluding vertical risers and central heating.

  • Dismantling of non-structural walls, architraves, and timber skirting.

Structural and Carpentry Works:

  • Installation of new acoustic battens, door linings, and architraves, ensuring alignment and integrity with the property’s aesthetic.

  • Reconstruction of walls and ceilings using premium materials tailored to enhance structural durability and aesthetic value.

Electrical and Plumbing Upgrades:

  • Complete rewiring of the property to meet contemporary safety and efficiency standards.

  • Overhaul of plumbing systems, incorporating modern fixtures and efficient water systems.

Interior and Finishing Touches:

  • Refinishing of all surfaces with high-quality materials including bespoke joinery and luxurious kitchen and bathroom installations.

  • Application of high-end finishes and fixtures to complement the elegant architecture of the residence.

Safety and Compliance:

  • All renovation work adheres to strict building regulations and safety standards, ensuring a secure and compliant living environment.

  • Implementation of sustainable practices in material disposal and recycling to minimize environmental impact

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