House Extensions London

We have worked on several property extensions across London, where the extension not only added valuable floor space but dramatically changed the way the owners live. An extension opens up possibilities of creating and using space in ways you didn’t know were an option. Whether it’s a kitchen extension or a living room, home office or a games room, an extension, single storey or double can transform a home and the way you live.


Single Storey back extension

If you have a good-sized garden at the back of the house, you could extend the back of the house out (subject to planning rules) and create a more intimate experience with your garden. Large sliding or bifold doors along with an open plan space, can give you an added sense of light and air and almost brings the outdoor, indoors.

Double Storey back extension

If you feel you need more living space upstairs, perhaps larger bedrooms or an en-suite bathroom or a home office, you could build additional space on top of your single storey extension. In some of the properties we have worked on, we have created luxurious bedrooms with walk- in closets, fitted wardrobes, children’s studies and guest rooms... the possibilities are limitless.