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Whether you're looking to create a new bedroom, extend your kitchen, or add a second story to your home, a house extension can be a great solution.

House extensions are a popular way for homeowners in London to add additional living space to their homes without the need to move.

Types of Extensions

Types of Extensions

House extensions come in various forms, each designed to maximize space and enhance a property's functionality and value.


Common types include single-story extensions, adding space on the ground floor; two-story extensions, increasing space on multiple levels; rear extensions, extending the back of a property; side extensions, expanding the width of a house; wrap-around extensions, combining side and rear extensions for a substantial increase in space; and over-structure extensions, built over existing parts of a property.


These extensions can be customized to suit different architectural styles and homeowner needs, offering a versatile solution for space enhancement.

Often used to expand living rooms, kitchens, or add new bedrooms, these extensions typically extend from the ground floor, seamlessly blending with the existing structure.

Single-Story Extensions


Single Storey house extensions

These add an additional floor to a property, ideal for extra bedrooms or a master suite, effectively doubling the space of a single-story extension

Two-Story Extensions


Double Storey house extensions

Popular for expanding the back of a property, rear extensions are great for larger kitchens or additional living space, often opening up to gardens.

Rear Extensions


Rear house extensions

Utilized to extend the width of a house, side extensions are a solution for properties with available space at the sides.

Side Extensions


Side Infill house extensions

A combination of side and rear extensions, these offer a significant increase in space and are often used to create expansive open-plan areas.

Wrap-Around Extensions


Wrap-Around Extensions
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