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This policy’s aims are to ensure that LACD services meet the legal 


as a fundamental part of its Health & Safety... 


LACD are committed to making significant, long-term contributions...

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1.    AIM

This policy’s aims are to ensure that LACD services meet the legal requirements which are applicable to the geographical areas in which we operate and to continually reduce the company’s impact on the environment.
This policy must be read in conjunction with our Sustainability Policy and Energy Usage Policy.


To ensure that the effects of the company’s activities are sustainable.

Environmental sustainability has been defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

We will create and maintain an Environmental Management System that covers the company’s construction operations and head office facilities.

The environmental impacts of the company’s activities will be regularly assessed and based upon the results; we will set annual objectives and targets for the continual improvement of the company’s environmental performance in relation to:


  • Emissions and discharges

  • Waste

  • Recycling

  • Consumption of raw materials

  • Prevention of pollution

The board of directors will nominate an environmental champion who will ensure that the company complies with acts and regulations, company standards and other requirements.

The directors will ensure that adequate training and instruction is given to all employees and subcontractors on environmental issues.

All personnel having the responsibility to implement the Environmental Management System will ensure that any factors which may compromise the achievement of this policy and its objectives are brought to the attention of senior management.

All site management will ensure that relevant employees and subcontractors are fully conversant with the Environmental Management System.

This policy is available to the public and is reviewed annually.



1. The Objective:  The objective of the Company’s Policy, as a fundamental part of its Health & Safety Management System is to prevent, insofar as it is reasonably practicable during the course of the work or duties being undertaken, any accidental occurrence which may directly or indirectly result in:

  • Injury or occupational ill-health to any person.

  • Damage to, or loss of any plant, equipment, property, materials or products.

  • Delays in any processes or operation.

  • Events that may otherwise be detrimental to efficiency and/or prestige.

  • The adverse impact on the environment.

2. Scope:  The Policy is applicable to all London Art Construction and Design employees. This Policy will also apply to all persons having responsibilities that relate to and necessitate their presence and the execution of their duties within the areas of LACD works/premises.  These persons include the employees of Sub-Contractors, Consulting Practices and the Client plus Self Employed Persons.

3. Responsibility:  The application and promotion of the Policy is the responsibility of the Senior Management of this Company.  Whilst duties and tasks may be delegated, the overall responsibility remains that of Senior Management to ensure that the Company complies with all relevant statutory Health & Safety legislation, common law and Approved Codes of Practice.

4. Personnel Obligations:  All Company employees, regardless of their status, are expected to abide by the principles of this Policy as and where applicable.  We also expect the co-operation of all those mentioned within the Scope section of this Policy to work in such a way that accidents to themselves and others will be prevented.

5. Participation: Individuals can contribute vitally to the development and implementation of policies. There will be opportunities for participation in this process via the involvement of employee representatives.

6. Application: The following principles shall be applied to all operations undertaken by the Company and shall be the basis of any specific instructions, methods or systems which may be necessary in order to achieve the policy objective.  To ensure that this Policy can be successfully implemented, the Company will provide such reasonable funds as may be necessary.

7. Precautionary Measures:  Suitable and adequate measures shall be taken to safeguard any person, plant, equipment, property, material or product likely to be exposed to any known or suspected hazards associated with or arising out of the processes, tasks or operations being undertaken.  The Company will take into account at tendering stage, those factors which help to eliminate injury, damage and waste.

8. Information, Training and Instruction:  Information from risk assessments, performance monitoring activities, the employee consultation process and advice from our Health & Safety Consultants, will be used to identify the Health & Safety training needs of employees. An effective system for the communication of health, safety and welfare information will be maintained so that employees are made aware of the known or suspected hazards associated with or arising out of the work or duties assigned to them. Where necessary employees will also be suitably trained or instructed to enable them to carry out their tasks in a healthy, safe and efficient manner.

Training will be carried out by the Company’s Safety Officer/Consultant with regard to safety matters. The practicalities and Method of Work training will be carried out by the Company’s Managers and overseen by the Safety Officer/Consultant.

Employees will be trained in the safe use of plant/equipment which they will be using for their work by the appropriate CITB Plant Operators course where required.  Where CITB certification is not required, employees will be instructed on how to use plant/equipment safely, directly by the manufacturer/supplier/hirer, or by the Company’s Managers who themselves would have been instructed on how to use the plant/equipment properly and safely.  To ensure all the Company’s employees are kept up-to-date with safety matters the Company has formulated a library of safety information, Codes of Practices and Health & Safety Legislation etc.  This library will be maintained with up-to-date information and changes in Law etc.

The requirements of any Statutory Legislation or Code of Practice applicable to the processes or operations being undertaken and/or the premises on which they are undertaken shall be observed.

9. Planning and Control:  All activities shall be conducted in a responsible manner and so planned and controlled that the possibility of unplanned events occurring is reduced to the practicable minimum.  It is recognised that accident prevention is a joint responsibility of all those mentioned in the Scope section of this Policy and that to understand their joint responsibilities, joint consultation will be necessary.

10. Health, Safety and Welfare:  Adequate provision shall be made for the Welfare needs of employees whilst carrying out their tasks and duties and any hazard to health associated with the work shall be the subject of strict precautionary measures.

11. Measuring, Monitoring, Reviewing and Auditing:  All Company activities and the use of the related plant, equipment and materials etc., which affect the safety of that place of work, shall be inspected in accordance with legal requirements, and reports will be made and distributed to those concerned as necessary.  Safety Inspections and other activities to measure, monitor and review Health & Safety performance, and conduct an audit of the effectiveness of the Health & Safety management system, will be carried out by competent personnel.

This Policy shall be reviewed and kept up-to-date by the Director in charge of Health & Safety, to take into account changes in legislation, reflect changes in the nature and range of activities carried out by the Company and take advantage of operational experience, negative and positive, as often as may be necessary.



London Art Construction and Design -LACD-  are committed to making significant, long-term contributions to the environmental, social and economic fabric of the communities in which the Company works. For LACD, the term ‘Sustainability’ describes how we manage our environmental, social and economic responsibilities in relation to the everyday management of our business and the developments we build. We believe that integrating sustainable development principles into our core business strategy helps us to create and add value to our business by enabling us to acquire appropriate contracts and operate efficiently, building sustainable homes for our customers. This policy sets out the key principles that are the driving force behind the LACD sustainability strategy which is at the heart of our activities.


Social Impact

To improve the social influence and impact of the services provided by LACD we aim to:

-  For the duration of any project LACD seeks to involve itself with the local community and keep the residents fully informed of works that will affect their homes and impact their day-to-day lives

-  Make sure that as many people as possible have a say in the relevant works proposals that impact the area in which they live and work

-  Carry out all works with positive consideration to the needs of the traders and businesses, site personnel and visitors, pedestrians, shoppers, the general public and the environment in general

-  Ensure that full and regular consultations regarding programming and site activities are maintained from pre-contract to completion

-  Pay special attention to the needs of those with sight, hearing or mobility difficulties

-  Support the use of local labour, where feasible, and the training of people within the construction industry.  This will aid to improve the local community, address the skills shortages within the industry and most importantly gives people assistance in finding meaningful employment

-  Provide the opportunity of practical training for people wishing to pursue a career in construction.

-  Embrace a variety of construction training initiatives including onsite training for locally sourced labour, work placement for trainees and in-house management training

-  Become involved with community projects wherever possible through contacts within the Residents or Neighbourhood Association and by contributing time, money or resources to local projects or events

Environmental Impact
LACD are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner such that pollution of the environment is prevented, the environment is enhanced wherever possible and there are no adverse effects on human health. In order to achieve this LACD aims to:

-  Pay particular attention to waste management, the avoidance of pollution including noise, the recycling of surplus materials and the protection of trees, vegetation and wildlife. The working site is always kept clean and in good order with temporary safety barriers, lights and wanting signs maintained in a clean and safe condition. Surplus materials are not allowed to accumulate on the site or spill over onto the surrounding environment and dust from construction operations shall be kept to a minimum.

-  LACD will continue to invest in the research, development and implementation of new technologies to ensure that waste management is carried out with the minimum effect upon man and the environment and that there are facilities, which are environmentally acceptable, to deal effectively with society’s more hazardous wastes. The facilities operated by the company will be of the highest standards so that they are efficient and visually unobtrusive.

-  The Company will operate in a manner designed to minimise risk and ensure the protection of its employees and the environment. LACD to achieving this aim is a commitment to training all members of staff, whether they be Management, Skilled or Semi-skilled operatives. Safe methods of working will be continuing development and will be enshrined in Company Health and Safety Policy which relates to all its activities including actions to be taken in emergency situations. A cornerstone of this strategy will be the encouragement of open dialogue between operatives and management, particularly in relation to matters of safety.

-  The Company will canvass to minimise waste production and to encourage the reuse and recycling of waste materials at the source. Where this is not possible every effort will be made so that those wastes that lend themselves to recovery or re-use or as an alternative source of energy will be so treated.

-  Every effort will be made by the Company to assist the Government in achieving its environmental objectives and where possible to actively participate with interested parties and agencies so that environmental issues are better understood.

-  Compliance with legal and professional requirements will be set as a minimum standard of achievement for all Company operations to ensure environmental excellence.

-  The Company will use, wherever practical, recycled products and materials.

-  It is an integral part of our involvement in any project to actively investigate sustainable construction opportunities. As sustainability and the ecological impact of construction and usage of buildings have become of greater concern, LACD has taken on board and embraced not only the principles of sustainability but has also endeavoured to put into practice those principles of sustainable and energy-efficient construction. We are currently constructing schemes that incorporate environmentally sound construction principles.

-  Consistently incorporate sustainable sourced timber and insulation products with greater performance than Building Regulation requirements.

-  Give careful consideration to deliveries in general, maximising storage and sequencing to minimise deliveries required. This is not only ecologically sound but also economical financially. Within the Company, we are revisiting waste management strategies via the best practice route, with the constant aim of reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and the future in general.

-  On a continual basis we endeavour to minimise the environmental damage of our works by the selection of working methods and materials that make use of natural resources.
-  We endeavour to use environmentally friendly building and finishing materials and to ensure that any timber products are procured from sustainable forests where possible.

Economic Impact
LACD are committed to the principles of Best Value, the benefits of which contribute to the growth of the economy and thus increase opportunities within the construction industry. These economic benefits include:
-  More predictable workloads and profit levels
-  Repeat business opportunities
-  Cost savings
-  Improved predictability and cost certainty
-  Reduced defects during the defects liability period
-  Phased, overlapping programmes within strategic agreements

LACD recognise the importance of and is committed to, inward investment and the promotion of a career in the construction industry either at the trade or professional level. It supports the use of local labour and the training of an experienced workforce for the construction industry.

LACD takes a pivotal role in providing employment opportunities both during training and for providing permanent employment thereafter, either directly, or through our approved register of specialist labour subcontractors



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